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Enfamil Slow Flow Soft Nipple

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7.00 Ounces

Enfamil Nipples, Slow-Flow Soft Bottle Nipples, Latex-Free and BPA-Free

The Enfamil Slow-Flow Bottle Nipple helps make feeding safe and easy. It utilizes a reformulated material to make it softer and allows for easier suction while your little one is eating. It's great for clinics and Private Practice IBCLCs!

Each piece is individually wrapped, ready to be opened and popped on the top of most narrow-neck/standard-neck feeding bottles. The latex-free bottle nipple is vented to allow optimal air flow while the baby is sucking.

Enfamil Nipples are made from surgical-grade plastic and doesn't contain latex.

Enfamil Nipples, Slow-Flow Soft Bottle Nipples, Latex-Free and BPA-Free:

  • Made of a reformulated material for a softer feel
  • Standard size can be used for infants from birth
  • Enfamil bottle nipples are ready-to-use
  • Each one is individually wrapped
  • Vented design allows for maximum airflow while infant drinks
  • Material: surgical-grade plastic
  • Recommended for use with ready-to-use Nursette bottles (sold separately)
  • Safe to be disinfected in a standard sterilizer