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Lactation Medical Billing & Coding Professional Consultation

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Lactation Medical Billing & Coding Professional Consultation

Medical billing, in general, can seem like a mystery box; claims go in and you’re never sure what will come out. With out-of-network billing for Lactation Practice, the mystery only increases since there is no contract to clearly lay out what you should expect back in payment.

An often-overlooked part of out-of-network billing is the administrative process that takes place before your patient is even seen. How you communicate with patients and the information gathered at the start of the relationship plays a significant role in making the Out-of-Network billing process easier.

Sometimes, money is lost before the claim is submitted. If you’re unaware of how different procedure codes will process when they’re submitted together or how to correctly pair diagnosis codes with procedure codes, you could significantly delay payment or lose out entirely on additional money.

Insurance companies cannot legally underpay your or withhold your money from you, so their most used tactic is to delay and put up obstacles to payment. They’re hoping you’ll eventually give in and leave money on the table. That’s why you need aggressive follow up and I am going to teach you how to do it!

Private practice billing is no easy task. Let me help you find the best solutions for YOUR practice.