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PreKit™ Colostrum Harvesting Kit + Instructions

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3.50 Ounces

PreKit™ by LactationHub - Prenatal Colostrum Harvesting / Collection Kit 

It's ideal for Lactation Professionals: Have a ready-to-go Colostrum Harvesting Kit for your prenatal Patients, with detailed step-by-step instructions on collection and storage of colostrum 
It's ideal for Parents: Research shows that parents that hand express in pregnancy are more confident
and better prepared to breastfeed their babies. All over the world colostrum harvesting is often recommended for all pregnant people, and in particular those with special circumstances: gestational diabetes, history of low milk supply, twin pregnancy, planned caesarean birth, cleft lip or palate and more. Discuss with your OB/midwife and Lactation Consultant if Colostrum Harvesting is the right choice for you.
The PreKit™ Prenatal Colostrum Harvesting / Collection Kit contains:
  • Feeding Cup (1pc)
  • 1mL Oral Syringes (10pc)
  • 2mL Snap-Cap Collection Containers (5pc)
  • 10mL Snap-Cap Collection Containers (5pc)
  • Patient Information Labels meeting requirements of most hospitals (10pc)
  • Detailed, multi-page step-by-step instructions on collection and storage of colostrum