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4 in 1 Healing Nipple Butter - GLASS JAR

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2.00 Ounces
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Introducing our handmade 4-in-1 Healing Nipple Butter, lovingly crafted in small batches in Redlands, California. This special blend is a gentle companion for parents embracing a natural, holistic approach. We've poured our hearts and careful attention into creating a formula that's not only effective but also aligns with the values of nurturing and sustainability.

Thoughtfully Made, Just for You

Versatility at Its Heart: Whether you're looking for relief for tender nipples, a smooth pumping experience, a gentle touch for baby's skin, or a soothing lip balm, our butter's got you covered.

Handcrafted with Love: From sourcing to pouring, everything is done by hand here in California. It's our way of ensuring that every jar is as pure and effective as it can be.

Naturally Potent: Our butter is infused with herbs known for their healing properties, without any lanolin, making it a safe choice for you and your baby.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: We chose glass jars for our nipple butter to minimize our environmental footprint and keep our product as clean and healthy as possible.

Our Ingredients Speak for Themselves

Avocado Oil: A wonderful moisturizer that helps keep skin soft, especially important for those tender moments.
African Unrefined Shea Butter: Offers a calming effect on irritated skin, making it a key ingredient for healing.

Coconut Oil: This oil is great for keeping skin protected and moisturized, without being too heavy.
Unbleached Beeswax: Helps to naturally seal in moisture, keeping skin smooth and well-hydrated.

Calendula Flower: A gentle herb known for its ability to soothe and reduce discomfort.

Sage Leaf, Chamomile Flower, Marshmallow Root, Rose Petals: Each selected for their natural properties to soothe, protect, and heal, embodying our holistic approach to care.

We understand the importance of being mindful about what we put on our bodies, especially during such a sensitive and beautiful time as postpartum. Our 4-in-1 Healing Nipple Butter is more than just a product; it's a reflection of our dedication to supporting moms with nature's best, crafted with care and respect for the world around us.

We invite you to try our gentle, effective nipple butter, designed with your holistic, natural lifestyle in mind. It's our small way of being part of your journey, offering a touch of nature's kindness when you need it most.