Breastfeeding-Friendly Bottle Nipple size SS (Super Slow) NARROW NECK


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Breastfeeding-Friendly Bottle Nipple size SS (Super Slow) 1m+ LactationHub Bottle Nipples from the Manufacturer of Lansinoh NaturalWave Nipples have the ideal shape and slope for breastfed babies. BPS and BPA free. These bottle nipples have Air Ventilation System (AVS) to reduce baby's intake of gas, a potential cause of colic and spit up. This unique venting system contains no extra parts and is simple to clean. Inner vertical grooves make the nipple collapse resistant. The nipple is made from super soft, flexible silicone, and the matte surface enables baby to get a secure latch and seal on the nipple Easy and convenient: LactationHub Bottle Nipple is compatible with all narrow/standard neck bottles, including but not limited to: • Dr. Browns Narrow Neck • Evenflo Narrow Neck • Gerber  • Walmart Parent's Choice • Any bottle with standard/narrow neck collar This nipple is identical in flow to Pigeon SS nipple and is designed for babies 0m+ (including Preemies)