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IBCLC Welcome Pack - Try our best products 25% off!

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IBCLC Welcome Pack - try our best products 25% off!

With our IBCLC Welcome Pack you get to try out our best-sellers 25% off! It's a great tool when you're starting your IBCLC journey. Your Welcome Pack will include: 

  • Silicone Nipple Ruler
  • LactationHub 22mm Nipple Shield
  • LactationHub 25mm Nipple Shield
  • MAMIVAC Cherry Nipple Shield, 18mm
  • MAMIVAC Cherry Nipple Shield, 22mm
  • MAMIVAC Conical Nipple Shield, 28mm
  • Suck Training Finger Caps 3pc
  • 20mL and 1mL oral syringes
  • Colostrum Container 10mL
  • Mini Pumping Spray
  • Nipple Correctors for flat/inverted nipples
  • MAMIVAC Feeding Cup
  • LactTube Pediatric Feeding Tube 15in
  • LactTube Pediatric Feeding Tube 36in
  • Volu feed bottle 2oz
  • Volu feed cap 
  • Medihoney Paste 0.5oz
  • Nipple Everter Latch Assist