Milk Mate Reusable Breastmilk Storage Bags


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Milk Mate Reusable Storage Bags

The LactationHub Milk Make Reusable Storage bag is a good grade diamond silicone built to last for continuous use!

These bags are great for breastmilk, formula, purees, fruit, and snacks.


Large opening makes cleaning a BREEZE.



Before the first use, please boil the storage bags and other parts for no more than 3 minutes to sterilize. Leave to air dry.

2. Breastmilk should not exceed the marking line on the storage bag

3. Warm breastmilk by placing in warm water or use bottle warmer.

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    I really want to love these…

    Posted by Hayden on 17th May 2023

    I was so excited when I saw these launch on the Lactation Hub insta. Such a wonderful, sustainable solution for pumping at work and for kiddo’s snacks in the future. The first couple of uses were FANTASTIC! The silicone bottles fit like a glove into my spectra flanges and storage was so easy with them. Fast forward to three weeks of using them, and the bottles no longer fit snuggly into my flanges. I have only ever washed and cared for them exactly as directed, but have still found them not last regardless. They have popped off TWICE now resulting in a cumulative of 16oz of breast milk wasted and completely drenched work outfits. Both times I was sitting at a desk, barely moving when the bottles fell off, and I had ensured they were in correctly before starting to pump. Any breastfeeding momma can relate to how it feels to cry over spilt milk, and boy did I! I just don’t feel like I can continue to use these and risk the chance of losing more milk and ruining more clothes while at work. Such a huge disappointment. ** Hi Hayden! That loss of milk must have been devastating! The fats in our breastmilk can sometimes make the rings/seals of the bags get extra slick. Be sure to wipe down the seals and base connectors to ensure they don't get slippery. This should help! -Jessica

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    I love these

    Posted by Izzy on 27th Apr 2023

    I absolutely love these! They fit my Spectra flanges and connector and I just saw in their IG Reels that they also fit Medela’s so I bought 4 more. I exclusively pump and am going back to work-these are far less bulky than bringing the little bottles and far less wasteful than the single use plastic bags! I pump between 2-3 oz per side and they don’t slip or budge at all. The wide mouth makes it easy to clean. I also love that once I wean I can reuse the bags for baby food or snacks

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    Where were these my entire life!

    Posted by Amanda Zayger on 20th Apr 2023

    Literally just got them in the mail and already in love. Pumping session was a breeze. I have a Spectra pump and they fit like a glove. Super secure. Im crazy tho so I just ordered 8 more :D