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Pumpin Pal Breast Pump Flanges 2pc

Pumpin Pal

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Pumpin Pal Breast Pump Flanges 2pc (one pair)

Comfortable flanges for all breast sizes

  • X-small and small come include collar ring adapter.
  • Customized Sizing:XS (15-19mm), S (20-23mm), M (24-28mm), L (26-30mm), XL (31-40mm) 
  • Eliminates constriction of milk ducts caused by traditional flanges.
  • Promotes better flow and reduces irritation to the nipple area.
  • Helps users to sit back in a more comfortable, natural position while pumping.
  • The Small and X-Small Silicone flanges, with Elast+Assist Technology™ (EAT), help improve milk flow for parents with elastic breast tissue.

  • Can be used with hands-free systems for the ultimate in relaxed and productive pumping.
  • Especially effective for new parents and C-section parents.
  • Aids in the prevention of mastitis and other breast infections caused by plugged ducts.
  • PumpinPal flanges work with Medela connectors, Lansinoh connectors, and Hygeia connectors. Spectra pump users purchase the sets for Spectra that include a pair of Spectra adapters.

  • Bisphenol A (BPA) Free. Medium, Large and XLarge are made with Medical Grade Polypropylene. Small and X-Small made with BPA Free Silicone

Proper flange sizing is the KEY to comfortable and efficient pumping!

We have gathered a list of amazing Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) offering virtual flange-sizing visits: 

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  • 4
    Pumpkin Pals Flanges

    Posted by Hannah Moore on 25th Aug 2023

    These flanges worked amazing! They were the small size for the small nipples that I carry and they didn’t cause pain or suck in pieces of my aeriola into the pump. They came with an insert so that I could put them into my pump. The only thing I wish was that the shape of the silicone were not so diagonal but rather just the way the plastic flanges are. If they could’ve given me a shape that was more like the traditional flange type it would’ve been a 5/5 for me.

  • 2
    Ehhhh, disappointed

    Posted by Carissa Stevens on 5th Aug 2023

    **BUSINESS RESPONSE** Hi Carissa, We sent an email to help troubleshoot using these flanges, there can be a bit of a learning curve. We are also happy to assist you with a refund for the adapters you did not need. They are not a requirement to purchase, only an add on if your pump does not already have the necessary base connectors. Really not impressed. First use was okay, second was better and I pumped a pretty normal amount for me. They were not super comfortable, but felt a little better than my plastic flanges, but the second day, I ended up having a bad clogged duct. Haven’t used them since. Also, I’m not sure why I needed to add on the Medela adapter. It’s a little misleading, I spent extra on an adapter that wasn’t necessary for the pump n’style because it already came with the flange connectors.

  • 3
    It’s alright

    Posted by Arica Greene on 21st Jul 2023

    There is such a huge learning curve when it comes to using these pumping pals. I have tried looking up YouTube videos and I reached out to LC and I just can’t love these for some reason. From what I’ve been told you either love them or hate for me I’m down the middle.

  • 2
    Didn't work for me

    Posted by RG on 5th Jul 2023

    I really wanted to like these because I wanted to be able to lean back while pumping and the flanges that come with my Spectra require a more upright posture. These flanges, however, didn't provide the right kind of suction even though they should be the correct size. Didn't get hardly any milk from my sessions and they were uncomfortable. Maybe I can salvage them by using an insert for sizing? Disappointed for sure. **BUSINESS RESPONSE** Hi there, we have sent an email to help you trouble shoot any use problems you are having. These flanges are typically a great option for pumpers with more elastic tissue.

  • 5
    Simply the best, get it!!

    Posted by Unknown on 27th May 2023

    Where have you been!!! I don't regret my purchase at all. Love it!!

  • 4
    Pumping pal

    Posted by Dayne on 17th May 2023

    It works the way it's supposed too. It's learning curve to get it on just right.

  • 5
    Best Flanges!!

    Posted by Kristy on 15th May 2023

    These are the best flanges I have found and I hate that it took me spending money on other crappy inserts, etc to figure it out!! I have elastic nipples and I tried so many things before I found these and I wish they had more advertising out for these!! These are great for everyone, so comfortable and so effective.

  • 5
    Very unique product

    Posted by Yelena Chuzhin on 5th May 2023

    Pumpin pals is one of the few products out there, considering both flanges and inserts, that is silicone BUT not frosted surface. My baby has a traumatic latch so my nipples are very sensitive-- most silicone feels like sandpaper to me because of the frosted surface. These are great because combined with some pumping spray and nipple balm I get smooth gliding movement without chaffing!

  • 4
    Pumpin Pals & Spectra Adapters

    Posted by Marissa on 21st Mar 2023

    Ordering and delivery through Lactation Hub was so quick and easy. I originally tried to order directly from pumpin pals, but couldn't order just what I needed without spending a fortune. Ordering through Lactation Hub I was able to get exactly what I wanted for a much more reasonable price. The flanges themselves are a little hard to get use to putting on at first, but once you get the hang of them they are so much more comfortable to pump with. I would definitely recommend trying them.