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SKIN SOFT Cherry Nipple Shields 2pc M/L 22mm

$9.98 - $79.80
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2.00 Ounces

The most beloved European Skin Soft Cherry Nipple Shields from the manufacturer of MAMIVAC Cherry Nipple Shields are finally IN STOCK!

These nipple shields are almost identical in shape to MAMIVAC Cherry, but exceptionally thin and with a new skin-soft matt surface that was created to replicate the feel of parent's skin. The texture also helps babies with poor oral function not to slide off as easily while breastfeeding. 

Made of the highest quality silicone (platinum) with extraordinary texture and tenderness, makes it easier to wean baby off the shield when desired by the parent. 

Sold in individual boxes, 2pc per box. 10pc = 5 boxes, 2pc each. 20pc = 10 boxes, 2pc each. 

Made in European Union. BPA free. Highest standards of manufacturing process. Full ISO certification.