Flange Size Measuring Tool (US ONLY)


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It's really important that the measuring tool gets printed out accurately, so please:

  • Make sure you download the right version for your paper size (surrently, we only support LETTER SIZE (US)
  • Make sure you do not 'scale to fit' - select 'full size' or 100% in your print menu. 


  • Fold the ruler along the fold line and carefully cut out the circles.
  • Open the page back up and then place each hole around your nipple.
  • The best size will fit easily around your nipple, but be quite snug. We're after a snug fit 
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    • 5
      Highly recommend

      Posted by Chelsea on 29th Feb 2024

      This made getting my flange size so easy!

    • 5

      Posted by Alexis on 29th Dec 2023

      Perfect for finding the right size flange.

    • 5
      Love this!!

      Posted by Nicole Shaw on 12th Dec 2023

      I love this product because it allows you to actually see the correct size of your nipple. Which of course, the lactation consultant was off

    • 4
      Great way to check size and very easy to do.

      Posted by Cendy on 8th Dec 2023

      Best economic way to check size

    • 5
      What I needed

      Posted by Heather on 25th Oct 2023

      Printing it was super easy and it came out accurately. It was easy to cut out and use so it was exactly what I needed!

    • 5
      Nipple Ruler

      Posted by Dakota Andrews on 24th Oct 2023

      This tool is a great resource and has helped me in the EP journey so much. Love all your products!

    • 5
      Printable flange size

      Posted by Jordan on 7th Sep 2023

      I've been unsuccessful at breastfeeding all 3 of my older kids and I now know it's because I didn't have the proper information and guidance. Im pregnant with my 4th and never knew about flanges and sizes with my other kids and I'm positive that's why I struggled the way I did. I plan on purchasing the kit as soon as I can but the printable gave me the information I needed to start a successful breastfeeding journey and I'm so excited and thankful for you guys !

    • 4
      Measuring tool

      Posted by Karissa on 1st Sep 2023

      This was super helpful and pretty easy to use!

    • 5
      Printable flange measuring

      Posted by Samantha Amato on 16th Aug 2023

      It was great! Very helpful.