Flange Size Measuring Tool (US ONLY)


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It's really important that the measuring tool gets printed out accurately, so please:

  • Make sure you download the right version for your paper size (surrently, we only support LETTER SIZE (US)
  • Make sure you do not 'scale to fit' - select 'full size' or 100% in your print menu. 


  • Fold the ruler along the fold line and carefully cut out the circles.
  • Open the page back up and then place each hole around your nipple.
  • The best size will fit easily around your nipple, but be quite snug. We're after a snug fit 
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    • 5
      Flange size measuring tool

      Posted by Jennifer Vidlak on 27th Apr 2023

      Such a great tool for clients I meet with!

    • 4
      Nipple Sizing Tool

      Posted by Sarah Bamford on 18th Apr 2023

      I love this tool, the only thing I wish is that it included closer increments for sizing. The addition of the QR code is nice for easy access if additional information.

    • 5
      Accurate Measuring Tool

      Posted by Rebecca on 12th Apr 2023

      This was a great resource for me. I had no clue how to accurately measure my flange size, but this printout made it very easy. I followed the instructions and was able to order new flanges based on the recommended sizing on this sheet. When they arrived, the new flanges fit great! Definitely recommend this to anyone questioning what their true sizing should be.

    • 5
      Flange Insert

      Posted by Nancy on 2nd Apr 2023

      This made it so easy for me to know which insert size to order! I definitely was way off using the standard sizes and it affected me greatly. Now i see a whole big difference! I would 100% recommend this to any mom that is trying to find their flange size!

    • 4
      Flange sizer

      Posted by Tiffany on 29th Mar 2023

      Easy to download and print. Super easy to find the size you need. Glad I found this because in the past I have definitely used the wrong size. Now I can get the correct one.

    • 5
      Flange sizing

      Posted by Alisa on 13th Mar 2023

      This tool made it so easy for me to know which insert size to order! I would 100% recommend this to any mom that is trying to find their flange size!

    • 5
      Finally checked my size

      Posted by Olivia on 23rd Jan 2023

      I've been pumping for 3 months now and barely checked my size. Of course my size was much smaller than the regular pump size ones. Now that I know the correct size and bought the correct flange it makes a difference. So glad I finally measured.

    • 5

      Posted by Bethany Sanchez on 12th Jan 2023

      I love the flange inserts I ordered I have no pain when pumping and they work with both my regular pump and my hands free!!

    • 5

      Posted by Kayla Hashberger on 26th Dec 2022

      I was so thankful to find this tool on TikTok and was able to get the best fitting flange that I needed!