Flange Sizing Kit for Professionals


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LactationHub Flange Sizing Kit

Our Flange Insert Fitting Kit is a great tool for Lactation Consultants to use for sizing during their consults.

Flange Insert Fitting Kit Includes:

  • (1) 13mm Maymom Narrow Neck Flange
  • (1) 15mm Maymom Narrow Neck Flange
  • (1) 17mm Maymom Narrow Neck Flange
  • (1) 19mm Maymom Narrow Neck Flange
  • (1) Maymom Widemouth Base Connector
  • (1) Maymom Narrow Neck Base Connector
  • The 3 Golden Rules to Pumping Guide
  • A Nipple Ruler

This is compatible with MOST pumps on the market, including but not limited to Medela, Spectra and Lansinoh pumps.