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LactTube 5FR Pediatric Feeding Tube - Lactation Aid


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LactTube 3.0 5FR Pediatric Feeding Tube - Lactation Aid

LactTube is a medical grade feeding tube, created with babies in mind and parents in heart. Our Lactation Aid helps parents to supplement their babies without interfering with breastfeeding. Parents can use this feeding tube along with a container for breastmilk or formula such as a bottle. Tube can be inserted in the corner of baby's mouth or used for finger-feeding. If parent chooses to use the LactTube at the breast, a medical tape can be helpful to keep the tubing in place. LactTube is compatible with all oral syringes (not an En-Fit conenction). Syringe is neccesary to use with LactTube for cleaning purposes (syringes sold separately). LactTube is designed to be used on short-term basis of no more than two weeks.

  • Flexible, yet firm to prevent kinking
  • Single hole, open tip
  • 36 inches or 15 inches in length
  • Decreased outer size for more comfortable feeding
  • Compatibe with all oral syringes (not EnFit)
  • Can be used up to 2 weeks (please replace tubing once tip becomes stiff)
  • Medical-grade PVC
  • Sterile individual packaging 

LactTube will come with detailed use and cleaning instructions. 

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  • 5
    The best I have tried!

    Posted by Sarah on 21st Mar 2024

    My daughter was born via surrogate and I really wanted a chest feeding experience so have been using a SNS since her birth. Of all the SNS options I tried this tube has been the absolute best! The tube from the Medela starter SNS was too soft and therefore very hard to insert and get in the right place. The regular Medela SNS had a better tube, but constantly broke where it attached. My lactation consultant recommended using a feeding tube instead and provided me with one from the hospital. It worked well, but had 2 holes at the end which made the milk come out too fast. After trying all those options I finally found these tubes and could not be more pleased. The soft/firm ratio is just right to get it in place easily. And it only has one hole so the flow rate is great. I started with the 36 length and will now be trying the 15 length. Thank you so much for making a great tube!

  • 5
    At breast supplementation

    Posted by Krista U. on 28th Feb 2024

    I am a lactation consultant that has been using an SNS for 9 months for my own baby. I am so excited about the new design! I am so glad that I do not have to insert both holes in the corner of the babies mouth. Although, I do find that I still have to insert the tube almost as deep in the mouth. My favorite thing is that water does not spray everywhere while flushing it!!! The only improvement I would suggest is I would love markers on the actual tube to reflect how deep the tube needs to go.

  • 4

    Posted by Crystel on 1st Feb 2024

    **Business Response: Hi Crystel! Cutting the cap off is a great way to remedy this!** The only thing I would change is take the cap off. When it’s open it keeps getting in the way of the milk flow. I cut the cap off

  • 3
    Too flimsy

    Posted by Sejal Fichadia on 4th Aug 2023

    *BUSINESS RESPONSE* Hi Sejal! It's so difficult to find the middle ground between comfortable for baby and easy to use! Our new tubes (coming in October 2023) have been designed with just one hole in the tip - this way we keep the comfy silicone-like design AND it will be much easier to use! I'd love for you to give it another try, I'll make sure to send you a sample as soon as the product arrives! - Karolina It is hard to work with the tubes as they seem to be too flimsy for parents to insert in the baby's mouth and even with my help it was harder. I wish they would be closer to the 5 French tubes that Birth Supplies Canada makes. Thank you.

  • 5
    the favorite tool in my IBCLC bag!

    Posted by Kristy on 4th Aug 2023

    These are great! for babies that struggle a little more and can't initiate the suction or have a strong gag reflex I like to cut off about an inch of the tube before inserting. It also prolongs the tube's life. Love it!

  • 1
    Useless don’t waste your money!!

    Posted by Tilly on 18th Jul 2023

    Absolutely useless don’t waste your money or shipping costs so disappointed as these were not cheap to get shipped to Uk as if breastfeeding via SNS isn’t stressful enough I now have useless tubes **BUSINESS RESPONSE** Hi Tilly! We have reached out via email to ensure you are able to use your item as intended. The LactTube is a wonderful tool for at the breast supplementation. We would like to get a replacement sent out to you!

  • 5
    Lactation tubes

    Posted by Ashley Baldwin on 11th Apr 2023

    Internal packaging was great. Product is great too! Tubes very soft and the slip top is snug. The external packaging (box) was not very sturdy and was nearly flat when I received it so wasn’t able to be used to store extra tubes. That’s okay though since the internal sealed pouches did a great job. I will be ordering again soon!! Thanks so much!!

  • 5
    5fr tubing

    Posted by Melissa on 9th Nov 2022

    This tubing is exceptionally soft

  • 5
    Love them!

    Posted by Allison Alexander LPN IBCLC on 5th Feb 2022

    The thin tubing is soft and doesn't irritate baby, and it's user friendly for parents to use as well. One of my favorite tools.