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nfant Specialty Infant Feeding Control Flow Bottle Nipples

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Nfant Nipples: Revolutionizing Baby Feeding

Introducing the Nfant Nipple, designed for seamless integration into your baby's feeding routine. With ease-of-use at its core, this innovative nipple screws onto standard-size bottles, ensuring compatibility with most top-selling bottle brands and ready-to-use formula options.

Key Features:

Consistent Flow: Renowned for its consistency, the Nfant nipple is a game-changer in baby feeding. It's not only trusted for its reliable flow but is also clinically proven and hospital-recommended. Your baby's growth and comfort are our top priorities.

Unique Self-Venting Design: Each Nfant nipple is self-venting, maintaining fullness with milk or formula during feeding, catering to your baby's unique flow needs.

Safe and Reliable: Safety is non-negotiable. Our nipples are BPA-free and have been rigorously tested to ensure the highest safety standards. The controllable flow rate offers consistency in feeding, vital for your baby's proper growth.

Ready-to-Use Convenience: For busy parents, convenience is key. Our single-use packaging means each nipple is safe and ready to use straight out of the bag.

Easy Cleaning: Dishwasher safe for hassle-free cleaning, or you can opt for a simple hand wash. Regular inspection for wear and tear ensures long-lasting safety and hygiene.

Data-Driven Support with NFANT App: Complement your feeding routine with our NFANT app. Get personalized, data-driven guidance to respond and adapt to your baby's feeding needs effectively.

Verified Compatibility: Our simple yet versatile design fits any standard baby bottle, including breast milk storage bottles. Compatible with numerous brands, such as

  • Grad-U-Feed
  • Similac
  • Abbott
  • Snappies
  • Gerber
  • Dr. Brown's
  • Sterifeed
  • Ameda
  • Pigeon
  • Nuby
  • Parent's Choice. (Note: No longer compatible with Enfamil's redesigned Ready to Use 2oz bottles).

Elevate your baby's feeding experience with Nfant Nipples – where innovation meets care.