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Realistic Silicone Breast Breastfeeding Education Model

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Introducing our high-quality brown & beige skin tone realistic silicone breast model, the perfect solution for Lactation Consultants.

This model has been designed exclusively for LactationHub. Made with the latest silicone technology, our model offers the most lifelike and accurate representation of the the breast, making it easier for Lactation Consultants to demonstrate proper breastfeeding and pumping techniques.

Our brown skin tone realistic silicone breast model emphasizes the importance of diversity in educational tools. Representation matters and it's crucial that Lactation Consultants have access to a range of skin tones in their educational materials to better serve the diverse populations they work with. By offering a realistic brown skin tone model, we are helping to promote inclusivity and cultural sensitivity in the field of Lactation Education. By using this model, Lactation Consultants can help their patients feel seen and valued, which is essential for building trust and promoting successful breastfeeding outcomes.

Its unique composition makes it easy to clean, ensuring a hygienic and safe experience for both the LC and their patient. Ideal for clinic and hospital environments. Whether you prefer in-person consultations or telehealth, this silicone breast model is versatile and ideal for both, providing the best of both worlds.

Don't settle for less, choose our silicone breast model for the ultimate breastfeeding education experience.