Silicone Realistic Breast Model for Teaching

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Silicone Realistic Breast Model for Teaching. 

LIMITED QUANTITY! This breast model can be SANITIZED between patients. Perfect for hospital setting! Breast model made of 100% of high quality medical grade silica gel, non-toxic and non-chemical. The softness of the breast model will continue despite frequent use and will not deform or break like regular silicone models. 

Ultra soft to touch, quickly regains shape after fondling and will gently bounce when moved.

Delicate surface and high elasticity 

Breast model designed for Lactation Consultants, OB-GYNs, Midwives, Doulas, Nurses and Heatlh Educators.

This breast is portable, flat in the back. Ideal for online and in-person teaching. 

LactationHub is commited to diversity, equity and inclusion.  The Brown Breast is AVAILABLE NOW in a larger size than this model with more realistic features!

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