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Medihoney Gel, Wound & Burn Care Leptospermum Honey 0.5oz tube

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Medihoney Gel, Wound & Burn Care Leptospermum Honey 0.5oz tube

Sore and cracked nipples can be a real problem for breast-feeding mothers. This issue is one of the most common reasons moms stop breast-feeding early in their experience. Addressing latch, positioning and doing a thorough oral assessment is the key. In the mean time, it is important to help mothers' nipples heal. 

The best treatment for nipple injuries is prevention! However, when they do occur, MediHoney® Wound and Burn Dressing may be used to help provide protection to the area, decrease chafing and help the injury to close.

  • After nursing, gently cleanse the nipple area with a warm washcloth to remove any of the baby’s saliva
  • Extrude a small amount of MediHoney from the tube and gently apply to the nipple and the areola 
  • Just prior to nursing your baby, use a warm wet washcloth to clean off any MediHoney prior to allowing the baby to latch.

MediHoney Gel contains no additives and is filtered and sterilized to remove any bacteria or spores.